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What results can I expect from Pilates?

Adding Pilates to your life will result in various physical changes, like increased flexibility and range of motion, increased core strength, decreased back pain and increased balance. In addition to the common physical changes Pilates practitioners experience, many report improved memory, increased mental clarity, decreased stress and increased overall self-awareness. Although these results do not happen overnight, most individuals will begin to feel changes within the first 10 sessions or less!

What should I wear to my class?

For Pilates, Fitness Barre and Yoga classes, we recommend well-fitting workout clothing and bare feet or grip socks. Don’t worry if you don’t have grip socks. We have some available for purchase at the studio!
For Zumba, TRX and Strong Nation classes, wear tennis shoes that lace up and are tied. We do not recommend slip-on shoes for these classes.

Why do I need to do 3 Introductory Private Pilates Sessions before joining Pilates equipment classes?

These introductory sessions are required prior to joining equipment classes for a several reasons. The most important reason is that we want you to have a safe, enjoyable and effective workout experience. During these 3 sessions, you will get more comfortable using the Pilates Equipment safely. You will also learn the foundational Pilates exercises, upon which the rest of our exercises are built!


I have never really exercised and have never taken a Yoga or Pilates class. Will I be able to keep up with others?

YES! We adapt every class to the particular group of participants in attendance. On occasion, we offer intermediate and advanced classes, which are marked accordingly on the scheduler.

Why aren't membership prices listed on the IHP website?

This is due to the variety of memberships we offer, and how we can also custom-tailor a membership to a client’s needs and preferences. If you would like to learn more about our memberships. then please click here to set up some time with our client experience manager. She will be happy to discuss your personal needs to help you select the best package for you.

What are grip socks?

“Grip socks” are socks with small rubber grips on the bottom.. Think of hospital socks with way better colors and a much better fit! These type socks are great for yoga and Pilates to prevent sliding and to keep your feet warm during class where you would otherwise be barefoot.

What does it mean to be on the waitlist?

Being on the waitlist is like being on “standby”. When the available spots for a class are full, we open up a waitlist for others who may want to attend. If someone releases their spot in class, the next person on the waitlist will be assigned that spot in the class.